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Should you fertilise in Winter?

 We are nearly half way through winter but looking out the window you might not think it is winter at the moment, which started me thinking about fertilising your lawn in winter; a question we get asked often.  The common practice is to not fertilise in winter, as it is seen as a waste of time by some people, or is thought to even damage the lawn.

But research recently is showing that fertiliser greatly improves the green colour of many turf varieties. This research recorded over 30 frosts with the lowest temperature of around minus 3 0 Celsius. They found that buffalo such as our Sir Walter and Zoysia (Zoysia Platinum and Zoysia Platinum Star)  grasses greatly benefited from Autumn and Winter fertilising. Nullarbor Couch seemed to show  the least results from fertilising  in winter but it was then found if  it is not fertilised in winter it seemed to struggle in spring to green up even when fertilised in Spring.  

We always recommend a slow release fertiliser.  A slow release fertiliser, which has the benefit of continuously providing nutrients over a longer period, but also has the ability of  quick release that is available to green up a lawn rapidly.

So don’t be afraid to throw some fertiliser out on your lawn this winter as you will see it stay greener longer and then in the  spring be a step ahead of your neighbour with your lawn all ready to thrive. If you want to talk about this further just come on in and see our range of fertiliser or give us a call 41244 4207.

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