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Nullarbor Oz Tuff


Oz Tuff is a PBR Green couch variety ideal for the Australian conditions.

  • Highest salt tolerance of any green couch variety
  • Tolerates the use of recycled water
  • Low nutritional requirements
  • Finer leaf resulting in less water evaporation
  • Low growing resulting in less mowing
  • Easy to keep tidy and weed free
  • Stays greener for longer
  • Recovers quickly from stressful conditions (drought/high traffic)
  • Identified to have resistance against a green couch disease called Smut

Oz Tuff has a finer leaf texture than most other couch grasses used on fairway, roughs, tees and athletic fields. A finer leaf means less evaporation. It is lower growing which meaning less mowing. Even with regular close mowing Oz Tuff can tolerate low mowing heights without evidence of scalping. Oz Tuff offers better quality surface and stronger turf colour in low nutrition situation where minimal inputs are available. It has a dark emerald green colour versus the somewhat pastel green of other hybrid green couch species and the lighter green of a common green couch. It has proven superior salt tolerance making it the most ideal couch variety for coastal locations.