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Platinum Zoysia Matrella


Zoysia Matrella, or Manila Grass, is considered by many to be the ultimate turf grass.  It has an excellent dark green colour, very fine leaves, a low mowing requirement, good wearing ability, selective herbicide tolerance and tolerance for low light situations.  Multiple QDPI trials have demonstrated its suitability for a wide range of environments including salt-affected and acid soils.

Zoysia Matrella grows slowly and always looks inviting.  It can be mowed short to achieve a bowling green appearance, between 20mm and 30mm or left un-mown as a feature grass.  It has a soft feel, is thick under foot and has small inconspicuous seed heads.  It is one of the most ascetically appealing of all turf grasses and suits presentation areas with low light or full-sun.  It is suitable for sites affected by shade, salt or acid soils. Due to its high silica levels it can tolerate high traffic areas e.g. paths, play or BBQ areas.
Zoysia matrella has finer textured leaves and forms a denser turf than Z. japonica but is not as cold tolerant.