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Mowing Your Lawn

  • Good maintenance of your lawn mower – keep blades sharp
  • Do not mow when grass is wet.
  • Let a new lawn reach 5 – 6 cm before mowing the first time
  • Remove only about 1/3 of the height each time you mow
  • Leave lawns a little longer in mid-summer
  • Mow in different directions each time to maintain evenness and reduce compaction

What height should I cut my lawn?

  • Nullarbor Couch 15-30mm
  • Sir Walter soft leaf Buffalo 30-50mm
  • Platinum Zoysia 10-20mm
  • Japanese lawn grass (Zoysia Japonica) 15-30mm
  • Manila grass (Zoysia Matrella) 10-20mm
  • Nullarbor Couch Oz Tuff 18-25mm
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