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Preparing a New Lawn

Preparation is the key to a professional job. To make certain that your new turf grows as desired, the ground surface preparation is of utmost importance. Any drainage problems and soil level need to be considered at this stage. A good quality loam soil to a depth of 100mm to 150mm levelled and drained free of weed, is a good foundation for a healthy lawn. If you wish to use your existing soil, you need to ensure that the Ph level of your soil is at the right level. Do make sure that you have a good soil base as this will have a bearing on the final outcome of your turf.

To attain this we advise the following:

  • Spray Round Up or Glyphosate 7 days prior to ‘laying’ of lawn to kill all weeds. (150ms of “Round up” to 15 litres of water will cover an area of 100m2.)
  • In heavy soil or clay areas use gypsum to break the soil up, at 25kg to 100m2 raked in.
  • In light / sandy soil areas use Dolomite / Lime , raked in at 25kg per 100 m2
  • Add soil as needed to achieve at least 150mm in depth
  • Ensure that the soil level is 30mm (45mm for Sir Walter) below footpaths and driveway levels, to allow for the laying of your turf. This can be done manually using a rake, shovel and wheelbarrow.
  • Fertilise before ‘laying’ is essential. We recommend the Sir Launcher which is a premium blend of fertilizer and Moisture Magnets water Crystals, this should be used when laying a new lawn. It is blend of slow release and organics nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous granulated fertilizers’, trace elements and Moisture Magnets which have all been designed specifically to improve the capability of soil, and growing media to retain water and plant nutrients.
  • Remove all vegetation – by bobcat or hand rake

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