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Platinum Zoysia

Platinum Zoysia

Platinum Zoysia

Platinum Zoysia Japonica is a beautiful fine textured lawn requiring significantly less mowing than Buffalo and Couch. It is soft to touch with a deep green colour but at the same time tough, waterwise, and a hard-wearing turf. Platinum Zoysia  is popular for Residential, amenity areas, roadsides, domestic and commercial. It can be grown in full sun to 50% shade with low wear and up to 30% shade with moderate to high wear. It is drought and cold tolerant down to -14°c. Once established it generally can out compete weeds and requires less watering and less mowing than most other lawn varieties.

Platinum Zoysia  Japonica is an effective cost option if you are looking for an alternative turf for you yard. Exhibiting a much slower growth habit, Platinum Zoysia Japonica won’t require a lot of mowing either. It has adapted well to hotter climates, having the ability to roll its leaves to conserve water and thereby increasing its drought tolerance, a trait normally only exhibited in broader leafed grass varieties.

 Platinum Zoysia Matrella

Platinum Zoysia Matrella is considered by many to be the ultimate turf grass.  It has an excellent dark green colour, very fine leaves, a low mowing requirement, good wearing ability, selective herbicide tolerance and tolerance for low light situations. Platinum Zoysia Matrella is the first fine leaf, shade tolerant variety requiring a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight per day which betters even the toughest existing buffalo varieties on the market. This lawn is the highest winter performer with outstanding colour year-round. Its thick thatch and soft leaf provides a tough surface for parties, pools and your family pet.

It is popular for Prestige home lawns, courtyards, golf bunker surrounds and green buffers due to its high shade tolerance, cold tolerance, low fertiliser and general maintenance requirements.  It can be mowed short to achieve a bowling green appearance, giving you that premium manicured appearance.

Platinum Zoysia Matrella is also suitable for stabilizing soils in erosion-prone areas such as drains, and steep embankments where mowing is difficult. This plant will require very little management in such areas, other than the initial installation and establishment period.  Due to its low growing nature, most drains and embankments will never need mowing.  The appearance and functionality of this turf grass is very impressive, and it will greatly reduce the maintenance budgets for hard to mow areas and areas subjected to erosive water flows.

    • Requires little mowing & fertilizing
    • Hard wearing
    • Tolerant to a range of growing conditions
    • Reasonable shade tolerance
    • Drought tolerant
    • High salt tolerance
    • Fine to Medium texured leaf ( 5 – 7mm wide)
    • Can mow as low as 12 – 25 mm
    • Excellent resistance to weeds
    • Low Water requirements
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Soft to touch
    • Comes with a 10 year warranty

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